Our Story...
When Ellie was two years old I already started to put her on ponies. I knew I wanted her to show
but there were no “Show Bows” that looked like the ones that existed in my mind. So we started
making them on our Kitchen table. On a hunch, I called Jill over at “Malvern Saddlery”. She ended
up buying every single set we had made. I knew we had something very special. At that moment
“Ellie’s Bows” was born
Elliena EQ...
Elliena EQ has created “ The Edge” Collection made with Cooltech® fabric.
Cooltech fabric is made to remove heat from the body. Sizing fits girls from the
ages of 5-18, with our X-large = to a women’s small.
The material is quite forgiving and conforms to different body types while
remaining very flattering. The whimsical patters are sure to stand out and
remind your preteen that showing is all about having fun!
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